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The Egyptian credit Bureau (SCORE)

  • Fire Alarm system

    Installation and operation of a THORN fire alarm system was performed.

Trust Group American Beach Buildings

  • Fire fighting system by sprinklers

    The storage compartments were secured by installing a fire fighting sprinkler system in them.

Villa of a Business man

  • Security system

    An advanced security system was installed in the villa to protect against burglary.

  • Fire fighting system by CO2

    A CO2 system was installed to secure the electrical panels installed inside the villa.

Dry Port - 10 of Ramadan City

  • Fire fighting system by FM200

    An automatic FM200 fire fighting network was installed to cover the whole port.

Al-SEWEDY Cables

  • Fire Fighting system by FM200

    A large overall network for an FM200 System was installed in EGYTECH cable factory owned by EL-SEWEDY.


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